The Hardwood bamboo Saxaflute

The Handmade Musical Instrument Company

The instruments at Saxaflute begun as simple bamboo Saxophones made for friends. Then their friends asked for one and their friends. It grew and grew. 30 years later the Saxaflute is number one when it comes to quality, sound and service. Many times copied, never equalled. Fast shipping, guaranteed quality and always something new. Shop with confidence.

Saxaflutes, flutes and whistles.

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Natural Bamboo Saxaflute

Natural Bamboo Saxaflute

The Natural bamboo Saxaflute.  Available  in the keys of A for a rockin' sound and G for a..


Black Bamboo Saxaflute

Black Bamboo Saxaflute

The Black bamboo Saxaflute. The best selling Saxaflute. Comes in the keys of A for a rockin' sound a..


Hardwood  Bamboo Saxaflute

Hardwood Bamboo Saxaflute

The Hardwood bamboo Saxaflute. I named this type of bamboo "hardwood Bamboo" as it is exactly like w..


My lifetime guarantee

My lifetime guarantee

My Lifetime Guarantee.Bamboo can be temperamental and some people are worried that it may crack..


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