The Hardwood bamboo Saxaflute

SAXAFLUTE. Handmade Bamboo Saxophones and other historical musical instruments.


All Saxaflutes are handmade by Johnny.  This online shop is for all the Saxaflutes I make. There is another website for the musical instruments I collect and sell.  They can be found on the USED Instrument site here.

We have recorders, flutes, clarinets, Studio equipment and other interesting items for sale.

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Natural Bamboo Saxaflute

Natural Bamboo Saxaflute

The Natural bamboo Saxaflute.  Available  in the keys of A for a rockin' sound and G for a..


Black Bamboo Saxaflute

Black Bamboo Saxaflute

The Black bamboo Saxaflute. The best selling Saxaflute. Comes in the keys of A for a rockin' sound a..


Hardwood  Bamboo Saxaflute

Hardwood Bamboo Saxaflute

This is the none painted version of my Hardwood Bamboo Saxaflute. The Hardwood bamboo Saxaflute. I n..


My lifetime guarantee

My lifetime guarantee

My Lifetime Guarantee.Bamboo can be temperamental and some people are worried that it may crack..